Corporate Governance Policy


The Group is a leading independent property management company in China. In 2016, the Group was rated among the Best 10 of property management enterprises in China in terms of the overall strength and brand value by China Real Estate Association* (中國房地產業協會), Shanghai E-house China R&D Institute* (上海易居房地產研究院) and China Real Estate Appraisal Centre* (中國房地產測評中心). Also, the Group has been named The Most Potential Listed Company (最具潛力上市公司) in China Financial Market Listed Company Award 2016 (中國融資上市企業大獎). As of 30 June 2017, the Group had a total contracted gross floor area (“GFA”) of 63.3 million sq. m. where it was contracted to manage 482 properties across 39 cities in China.

The main business lines of the Group is property management business. Under the property management business line, the Group is engaged in the provision of property management services, sales assistance services and other services and sale of goods.



Property Management Services
The Group primarily provides property developers and property owners with a broad range of property management services to mainly residential properties, commercial and government buildings. Services provided by the Group include standard property management services and also ancillary services such as cleaning, gardening, security, repair and maintenance and butler services. Through its butler services, the Group provides personalized and premium property management services to residents with its trained butlers onsite. While its primary and long-term business focus is on the residential property market, the Group also provides services to non-residential properties, including both stand-alone non-residential properties and properties associated with residential properties, such as schools and commercial buildings.

The Group believes that service quality is fundamental to establish a solid foundation to support the growth of the Group’s business. The Group holds various qualifications and licenses in respect of property management services, namely ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and level one property management qualification certificate.

Sales Assistance Services
The Group provides property developers with sales assistance services by deploying on-site staff at the sales centres to maintain the conditions of the centres and provide timely assistance to facilitate various aspects of the sales process. The Group generally continues to service the property developer clients after the expiration of the sales assistance contracts by entering into preliminary property management contracts. Sales assistance serves as an important source of business for the property management services.

Other Services and Sale of Goods
This business line primarily consists of the provision of consulting services, engineering and catering services, and the sale of engineering spare parts.